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Sep 20, 2019

There are a lot of things we don’t have to think about on a daily basis. Such as, if you’re a 3ft 5” adult, how do you reach the locks on public toilet doors, or sinks, or soap dispensers? Or where can you get this season’s shoes? No, not the light up ones for kids, but well designed, flats and heels. When you start seeing the world through the lens of a little person like Sinéad, you realise how the world is not designed for her. It’s designed for the people who design it.


Our theme for the month of September is body and skin, and I absolutely loved talking to Sinéad about how she not only embraces her height difference but actively campaigns to highlight the importance of creating fashion and design for people with disabilities.


We spoke about how she’s forged a relationship with the fashion industry from being excluded from it. We discussed how her disability has shaped every ambition and opportunity she’s had, and Sinéad shared some brilliant mum advice that’s relevant to us all.


Enjoy listening, it’s a beautiful episode. And mad, mad love as always.


Sinéad’s TED Talk – the impetus to all the work she’s doing:


You can check out Sinéad’s new podcast here:


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