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Your regular source of fierce female chat. Hosted by Adwoa Aboah and featuring different guests, as they talk, share, listen and take control of their lives. 


Sep 3, 2020

This week, I’m honoured to introduced the Gurls Talk community to my dear friend, the talented iO Tillett Wright. This autumn, he releases a new book, Self Evident Truths: 10,000 Portraits of Queer America. It documents a 10-year journey across America where he has photographed thousands of people from every walk of life.

Centred on the tenet that ‘familiarity is a gateway drug to empathy’ his pictures are a deeply powerful glimpse into the lives of people marginalised by oppressive systems.

In this episode, we explore shifts in politics and activism through the lens of personal identity and growth, and discuss what allyship to the Black community means.

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