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Your regular source of fierce female chat. Hosted by Adwoa Aboah and featuring different guests, as they talk, share, listen and take control of their lives. 


Jan 22, 2019

I want to focus one episode this month on an addiction I think almost all of us can relate to: a social media and internet addiction.


I invite self-confessed social media addict and Brit nominee @Mabel onto the show, alongside Comparison Coach, @LucySheridan. We talk about why we visit our social channels on average 28 times a day - is it for gratification or masochism? 28 times a day is a lot of repeat prescriptions, and it’s having some serious side effects on young girls in particular, including depression, anxiety and debilitating low self-esteem.


Join us as we all share our stories and have a giggle about our social media habits and how we could all benefit from a detox.


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