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May 13, 2019

Watching my country’s reaction to migration has broken my heart many many times. Choosing love should be in our DNA, but too often we choose hate, which is why I want to dedicate May to this sensitive subject as we all try and change the script and help be the good we want to see in humanity.


For our first episode, I’ve invited Philli Boyle, one of the founders of Help Refugees whose work on the ground at Calais and beyond has improved and saved the lives of more women, children and men than anyone could count. Alongside this powerhouse of a woman, I have two refugee women who are brave enough to share their stories with me. Dorine is an LGBTQ+ refugee who fled her country after she was abused for her sexuality. And Gabi, whose name and identity we have shielded for her own safety, was detained in The UK indefinitely and is still coming to terms with the war inside her memories. And finally, accompanying Gabi was Samantha Hudson, from Women For Refugee Women who works to support women as they speak out about the injustices they’ve faced.


Please listen, share and tell your friends about this episode. It’s important that we all realise that migration is a process, not a problem, and there’s something we can all do to ease the experiences of the victims of this devastatingly difficult journey.


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To buy a Choose Love t-shirt: All proceeds are donated to Help Refugees and one t-shirt provides a fresh food pack for a family for 2 weeks.


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