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Oct 31, 2019

Let’s get one thing clear – it’s absolutely OK to admit that things aren’t OK. But so often, our fears around mental health can be what holds us back from getting the support we need. I really wanted to get a male perspective on mental health and loved talking to Ashley as he opened up about his own experiences of suffering with depression and overcoming the macho, suck-it-up, don’t-share-your-feelings front that’s imposed on boys from a young age.


Ashley and I talked about the negative impact of suffering in silence, and how it can often lead to alcohol and drug abuse which always perpetuates the problem. We talked about the fear of leaving your house and facing people, recognising the signs that we, or someone we know, might need help, and how society can work together to break the stigma of mental health struggles.


Enjoy listening. And mad, mad love to you all.


Never be afraid to seek help. Here are some numbers of great support options to talk openly and in confidence with someone.


If you haven’t yet watched Ashley in the brilliant Top Boy, I fully recommend you do.


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