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Nov 11, 2019

Self-care doesn’t have to mean celery juices, mineral face masks and sage-burning yoga classes overlooking the ocean. Self-care is whatever makes you feel good. This is something the brilliant Kai-Isaiah Jamal and I spoke about in this week’s podcast. We discussed the power of preventative recovery, about knowing your triggers, setting boundaries and understanding what protective practices bring you back to yourself.


We often think of recovery as the after event, what you do to heal. But preventative recovery is something we can do all the time. For both Kai and myself exercise plays a big role. It’s not just about giving you this ass or that chest, it’s a form of therapy. Kai talks about how writing is also an important practice to him and shares two incredible poems on his experience of recovery: ‘Geum’ and ‘The Author Imagines the Moments His Chest is Revealed to Him.’


Mad love to you all. Until next time!


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