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Jun 21, 2019

Reading Ore Ogunbiyi’s ‘A letter to my fresher self: Surviving Cambridge as a black girl’ hits such an emotional chord with me. Being a minority in a predominantly white institution creates some serious life skills. Which is why I invited Ore on to the podcast this week. We chat about discrimination in the classroom, overcoming imposter syndrome, and when you arrive back at uni with braids – no, your hair isn’t something people can freely smell and touch! Really guys, WTF?!


We also talk about the new book Ore’s co-written with her right hand/wife/best friend, and fellow Cambridge graduate, Chelsea Kwakye (who couldn’t join us because she’s taking her law exams). Taking Up Space, published under Stormzy’s #Merky Books imprint, is the black girl’s manifesto for change, and explores the issues surrounding diversity and inclusion within higher education. The book offers a sisterhood for black girls going to university. Brutally honest, while reassuring, almost like an older sister telling you what fashion trends to avoid.


But this isn’t just a black girl’s issue, it’s a conversation we should all be aware of. A collective effort in which everyone has a role to play, because without awareness, nothing changes. Ore shares some life skills that students from all backgrounds can benefit from.


So, listen, enjoy, and as always, mad, mad love.


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You can read ‘A letter to my fresher self: Surviving Cambridge as a black girl’ here:


And buy a copy of Taking Up Space here: